Garlic Scapes Cream

Garlic scapes are thin, vibrant green stalks that grow from the garlic bulb. They are long, curvy, and kind of look like a cross between chives and scallions. The stalk of the garlic scape also often includes a bulge on the end; that is actually a bud, and if the scape was left on the bulb, the bud would flower.

A rich cream is blended with the scapes, that can be used on breads, in cooking, and as a snack dip. Our garlic scapes cream is bottled only during October and November to be delivered weekly as an addition to our bags.

The 125ml glass jar is returnable or recycled.


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Product of Scarabhill Farm


Garlic Scapes**
Sunflower Oil*

Organic Status

* Organic
** Naturally Grown
*** Local Produce



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