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Valley Organics, Kraaibosch: their birds are raised on 100% organic pastures and farmed ethically and sustainably. They have partnered with Phila Feeds which breeds black soldier fly larvae as a high quality protein for their birds. Phila Feeds uses food waste and other organic matter. From the fields, the chickens are slaughtered at the certified farm abattoir. A perfect example of a closed loop system which pays attention to the farm, the animals, the farmer and the consumer with huge reduction in the miles travelled from farm to pantry.

By purchasing Valley Organic Products, you know that you Rands are going back into this closed loop system.



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** Naturally Grown, Free Ranged in tractors


Fresh, locally sourced vegetables that are either naturally grown or certified organic.


Fresh, locally sourced fruit sourced in and around the Western Cape, delivered to your home.

Pantry Food

A wide range of dried fruits, grains, cereals, seeds and nuts for your pantry cupboard.


Quality and affordable vegetarian and vegan meals, substitutes and staples that are locally made.

Dairy & Eggs

Locally sourced eggs, milk, cream and yoghurt from free-range farmers that use non-GMO feeds.


Sun and air-dried herbs to compliment your cooking for any style of cuisine and preference.

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