Our artichoke surprise

Each year I buy artichokes from other farmers and have not ever planted my own. However, this year, I was gifted this mother plant in our cottage garden (thanks Audrey Wainwright) and let the artichoke unravel her magic.

From a small 15cm high plant sprouting out of last years planting, this majestic plant developed into a 1.2 m high upright beauty and has kept her style despite the winds and rain.

Growing abundantly in a shaded spot on the farm, the long leaves provided a canopy for our old farm cat to rest, away from the harsh sun of Elandskraal and a nursery for seedlings which are being hardened off before going into the ground. On top of that, we have enjoyed the fruits of her budding. But the most beautiful part of this summer story is the main flower which I have kept to its full flowering stage, to enjoy this display.

Each day we greet each other and appreciate the space which we share.

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