Farm Services

Scarabhill Farm supports and protects its land by offering various services and products to local farmers.

We offer permaculture workshops, courses, seeds, seedlings, and plants that protect your soil, water, animals, and residents.

Farm Consulting & Training

Being a successful farmer entails production and processing knowledge, production planning, market analysis, production and processing skills, logistics and economics. This can be daunting for a small scale farmer if there is no sufficient support and mentoring from those who have practical experience. Scarabhill Farm offers small scale farm consulting and mentoring to assist producers in achieving their farming objectives.

Seeds & Seedlings

Scarabhill farms plants seeds & seedlings on a weekly basis to ensure consistency of supply to our grower community. However, due to our production planning and our commitment to our consumers, there always is a surplus of seedlings. Please view our current stock list, select and submit, and we will contact you to ensure the timely delivery. If you would like us to contract grow your seedlings, then send a mail so that we can discuss your requirements.

Workshops & Courses

We offer customized courses in permaculture, production planning, economics of a small scale farm, Participatory Guarantee Systems and value added processing design. As we are small scale farmers, our workshops and courses are based on our experience and our association with a network of practitioners. Currently, our courses are face to face and farm based (either yours or ours).

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