Your data and privacy

  1. All device interactions on this site are anonomously tracked for maintenance and userability purposes.
  2. We do not send data to third-parties, but rely on tools to inform us on security and development decisions.
  3. We will never use your data, behaviour on the site, nor private details as content to be sold to third-parties, nor possess any private data unless given to us at our checkout page form and WooCommerce account registration form.
  4. Client names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses are securely stored and can be deleted upon request.
  5. Google Search, Koko analytics, and third-party scripts relating to e-commerce functions do not parse client personal data and are solely used to track site visits, impressions, clicks, and general page/content performance.
  6. Client account emails can be used for Scarabhill notifications and newsletters. Clients can opt-out of weekly notifications here, or in the footer of the emails received.


Scarabhill Farms is not liable for any data-breaches and subsequent damages related caused by hackers, bots, brute-force attacks, server-side errors, or any other app and website related issue. However, we ensure that client data is protected through 2FA, collaboration with cloud providers, and security updates to ensure client data-safety. In the unlikely event of data-breaches, clients will be notified in a full report via email and the site will be locked under 'quarantine' until data is secure.

Considering the nature of this website, client data relating to vegetable purchases is probably quite low on any hacker's to-do list, but we want to be transparent about our steps and procedures in the event of a web-disaster.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch directly with us.

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