Carrot supply hiccup
We are truly thankful for the increase in orders from across the Garden Route. Unfortunately, these demands come with changes to our planting schedule, especially when it comes to carrots.
Matthew Gracie

Unfortunately, we have no carrots in stock for a few weeks due to farm supply issues. The reason for this is getting the trend for carrot demand to match with our producers, not all of whom have committed to supplying us (consistent orders each week) before they sell to other ad hoc customers. Scarabhill has three farmers who have committed to a consistent supply. However, we increased the harvest orders due to new market channels coming on board, which put pressure on our in field stock. This resulted in harvesting of carrots earlier, which ultimately ended up with no stock in ground suitable for harvesting for the next month. Hopefully, over December, we will catch up with the carrot production. There is more ground under production now, and we are developing consumer and grower agreements to assist us with the guess work of stock management.

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