Scarabhill Farm Blog

Water issues in Elandskraal
The past few weeks have been rather difficult in the water department of Scarabhill Farm.
Carrot supply hiccup
We are truly thankful for the increase in orders from across the Garden Route. Unfortunately, these demands come with changes to our planting schedule, especially when it comes to carrots.
How we get food to your door
Sourcing food from small-scale farmers and producers is an interesting journey. We thought we'd share how we natural food delivered to you.
Our favourite pest controlling flowers
Spring comes with blue skies, the hum of bees, and rising Allergex stock prices. But it also has a nasty habit of creating the perfect the conditions for insects to hatch and swarm our organic food gardens.
Our artichoke surprise
Each year I buy artichokes from other farmers and have not ever planted my own. However, this year, I was gifted this mother plant in our cottage garden (thanks Audrey Wainwright) and let the artichoke unravel her magic.

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