Scarabhill Farm supply fresh vegetables, pantry foods, and dried products directly from the Garden Route to various locations across South Africa. Nestled between the Knysna and Sedgefield, the farm began as a father’s dream to farm away from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, and went on a journey with his family to understand organic farming and sustainable living, by learning to love and live off their land. Trying everything from strawberries to poultry, Scarabhill explored organic farming through various lenses and participated in the greater organic community in forming sustainable standards for small-scale operations. Since 1999, Scarabhill continues to grow, produce, and support farmers across the Garden Route, connecting clients to small-scale farmers by networking between producers and households.

Rebuilt after the 2017 Knysna fires devastated the area, Scarabhill Farm's objective is to sustainably grow produce using PGS guidelines, and apply various techniques based in permaculture and true-cost accounting to ensure that the capacity of the land is not compromised, while protecting the interests and food security of farmers and clients. Aside from growing fruit and vegetables, the farm hosts free-range chickens that take care of the land, and hosts regular workshops and courses on alternative and effective growing methods in adaptive farming; a must in the face of drastically changing environmental capacities and climate conditions.

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